Meet our beneficiaries

We are raising funds for approximately 60 HIV-infected children and youth, who are currently part of Sahaya International’s programs in India with the organization READ, and in Uganda with the organization BACHO. These children are part of a special children’s network called “Little Stars”, which normally meets monthly (except during COVID times), where they participate in fun activities and receive counseling for also better mental well-being.

Some of the kids at the programs of our partner organization BACHO (Uganda).

Some of the beneficiaries at a meeting in December 2019.

Some of the HIV-affected children in our program, whom we are helping though Sahaya Walks

Some of these children were diagnosed with HIV infection in 2003. In the early years of our program, it was very difficult to find HIV medications in India, and several of the first children that were diagnosed with HIV have passed away because of AIDS. Many more children joined our program and some were very ill. We did not let despair take over, as we kept hope that these children could be saved. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, and the HIV treatment programs that the Indian government inititiated, we were able to give these children access to HIV medications and to clinics that have experienced doctors who know well how to treat HIV-infected children.

As a result of our efforts, since 2006, we have not lost any child because of HIV/AIDS!

This is a big victory and shows that we can make a difference! However, these programs and the future of these children depend on your continued support. Regularly, more HIV-infected children are identified and join our programs. Together we can continue helping them. Together we can give them the most precious gift: the gift of life, hope and a future. Together we can pledge and promise we will continue to fight for them!

This is how you can make a difference:

  • $10: One month of life-saving medications for an HIV-infected child in India
  • $10: One month of proper nutritional supplements to strengthen the health of an HIV-infected child.
  • $30: One month of food, clothing and school fees for a needy child.
  • $100: School fees and uniform for an orphan for one year.
  • $360: One year of food, clothing and school fees for a needy orphan

Several people from Davis have already been going over there and know these children. Some of these children have also a sponsor through our regular orphan sponsorship program, which supports their basic needs for food, clothing and school fees (but does not cover the extra needs to treat their HIV condition). You can also go and visit them; contact Koen at for more information.

Click here to read some personal letters written by a few of these children.

Below is a short video of one of the youth. She was the first one in our program to get started on HIV medicines in 2004, and among the first children who joined Sahaya’s sponsorship program.

Below are pictures of many of these children as they grew up over the past 17 years.